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If you require temporary coverage of your tattoos without having them removed we can offer you the option using our system of skin tone air brushing. The origins were first developed by Hollywood makeup professionals to conceal tattoos on actors requiring tattoo coverage for their various movie roles. The procedure is painless and can conceal any tattoo quickly and effectively its completely waterproof.

It usually lasts around 3-5 days with proper care, providing you don't vigorously rub the area when wet during that time, you will also need to remove any body hair around the area of the tattoo before coming to the salon.

As the formula is alcohol based and the concealer requires removal with alcohol wipes its advised that people having any adverse reactions maybe unable to take the treatment, though we can still provide you with a consultation or advice to any queries you may have regarding the process.

This concealment can also be used for covering birthmarks, scars and skin blemishes. So if you're having a photo shoot, a wedding party, a job interview, a company trip, even visiting a swimming pool or hot spring in Japan it is worth considering this alternative to having complete tattoo removal.

Please don't hesitate to contact us so we can assist you with your inquiry.

< One point(\500 coin-size)> ¥4,000
< Tobacco size> ¥6,000
< Postcard size> ¥10,000
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